Central Coast, Gorokan, Singing lessons, Vocal tuition, Classical, Rock, Pop, Most styles.


Classical and most contemporary styles. A holistic approach to performance encompassing vocal production, posture, breathing, movement and microphone technique.

Improve your technique and gain confidence in yourself as a singer and performer or just have fun and meet with others to share the joy of singing.

We offer individual or small group tuition for either hour or half hour sessions. For adults, teens, seniors or children aged 10 and over. We also offer beginner, intermediate and advanced level groups. You will receive expert training from Ian Fisher who was a member of Opera Australia for many years. Ian has been both operatically trained and has experience in most contemporary styles.


Most styles. Including Pop, Rock, Contemporory, Jazz, Country & Classical


With over 25 years of teaching and performance
experience, Ian is a specialist in good singing technique and applying it to contemporary and classical vocals.
He runs a successful private vocal studio in the Hornsby district and also teaches at other educational institutions.

Ian was a finalist in the prestigious “Opera Awards” 1997 and he regularly performed with Opera Queensland and Opera Australia over a 6 year period. Also he was in the backing ensemble for the Enzo concert and Mariah Carey’s Butterfly tour. Ian often performs in concerts and shows; however his main focus is in imparting the knowledge & skills that are involved in the various genres of singing.